Immigration Form


Travelers to the All Worlds Fair frequently cross between 15-20 permeable gravity branes within the first half hour of their visit. Under the usual conventions, the paperwork requirements for such ad hoc border hopping are enormous. As a result, the All Worlds Fair is considered a quasi-sovereign pocket reality for legal purposes – a convenient fiction – allowing us to empower Travelers to experience the fair without the bureaucratic hassles of multiple governing consciousnesses. Travelers only need to fill out one set of forms to be considered a legal resident of the All Worlds Fair during their visit.

Please fill out and return the following form in its entirety. Misleading answers are punishable by a fine to be paid in Spanish doubloons, imprisonment on a penal tea plantation, or an ironic punishment of no less than three Hadeliters.

If you acquired additional tickets to the All Worlds Fair for friends, family, and ruffians, please forward this form along to them to complete and submit. Failure to do so may result in inadvertent ultra sonic deportation.

* Denotes a required field.